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What we do

Cobuilding is a unique approach to investing that allows us to partner with founders and help you build your SaaS business from the ground up. We provide founders with access to our team of experts, our network of partners, and our capital. We also work on a daily basis with founders to help you refine your business model, develop your products, and grow your customer base.

Our Approach



We work with founders to identify a problem that is worth solving in the SaaS space and develop a solution that is both innovative and scalable.



We validate PoCs by conducting market research, developing a prototype, and testing your products with potential customers.



Once we have validated the MVP, we help founders scale your business by providing you with access to our network of partners, capital, and expertise.

Spinning OFf

Spinning Off

Once your business is ready to stand on its own, we help you spin it off into a separate company and help raise series A investment.

Build with us

Want to build your company with the correct resources behind you to ensure success? Join the X by Unifonic programme


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