We build and nurture startups.

We support SAAS startups in the MENA region through a Venture Studio and an Accelerator Fund.

We support regional founders with the resources, expertise, and network they need to succeed.

As a prominent SAAS leader in the MENA region, Unifonic aims to contribute to the communities it operates in by supporting the pool of the entrepreneurial talent. As a thriving extension of Unifonic, we provide an environment that focuses on creating, nurturing, and investing in SAAS startups across the MENA region. We invest in and co-build the next disruptive SaaS startups in the MENA region with a $ 26.6M USD Venture Studio & Accelerator Fund.

Our focus is on early-stage SaaS startups with a strong team, a clear vision, and a large addressable market that are solving real problems for businesses in the MENA region.



We are excited to partner with SaaS founders who are building solutions that will change the way businesses operate in the MENA region and beyond.


Venture Studio

We partner with select founders to co-build the next generation of disruptive SaaS startups.



Find out more about our 3-month accelerator program that provides you with the resources, mentorship, and network you need to validate your business model and accelerate your growth.

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